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Freetech Road Doctor College

In January, 2014, the Road Doctor College established by Freetech was approved, making it the first education institute for top talents ever been established by an enterprise.


i. Promote the recycling economic development of road maintenance

ii. Cultivate top talents for road maintenance industry

iii. Establish the communication platform in the field

iv. Provide support for development in road doctors


School operation with specialty

Meticulous with knowledge by experts

Study for the purpose of application

Morally and academically attained


i. High-end positioning and taught by famous teachers

The college recruits students from medium and senior talents in road maintenance and hires the leading authority and pioneering leaders as teachers, providing classes mainly focused on technique as well as operation and management and only granting students with master’s degree and above.

ii. With the enterprise running the school, cooperative education is conducted in great depth.

Freetech, founder of the college, has integrated research, equipment and engerneering, covering every aspect of road maintenance. Meanwhile, the conversion efficiency of scientific and technological results is leading the whole industry, with rich scientific research atmosphere, thus providing the broad practical platform for Road Doctor Colleges and ensuring the combination of cooperative education.

iii. Road doctors should attach equal importance to morality and academic results

The spirit of road doctors’ attaching equal importance to maintenance techniques and morality is inherited in the college. While devoting themselves to road maintenance, the college is also training students to be loyal to the employer and devote themselves to the industry as well as fighting for the construction of ecological civilization.

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