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① Outstanding abilities to solve multiple tough problems

· Researched and developed the Hot-in-Place recycling technology in all series;

· Researched and developed the maintenance techniques for base roads’ problems – excavation and rapid backfilling restoration process;

· Researched and developed the recycling technology of base materials – compound material recycling technology;

· Apply Hot-in-Place recycling technology to construction of new roads as well as reconstruction and expansion;

· Researched and developed high temperature and solid refill materials;

· Researched and developed multiple asphalt regeneration agent;

· Fixed multiple technical problems such as hot in-place recycling engineering, winter engineering, treatment of heavy rutting, regeneration engineering of viaduct and bump of bridgehead of SMA asphalt and micro-surfacing road;

② Projects

In recent 20 years, Freetech Road Maintenance Technology Research Center has been upholding the concept of “Curing road disease with the right prescription”, with road maintenance projects among highways, arterial roads and municipal highways across the country.

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